Tales from Appassure: Filtering/Sorting is not a Feature Yet

Ah, so we got scammed convinced into purchasing Dell’s somewhat-recent product acquisition AppAssure over something like Veeam.

I have no innate brand loyalty, and AppAssure runs more-or-less okay on its own if it has an environment that can support it — i.e. huge pipe, huge SAN disks, multiple SAN locations, no tape backup requirements, etc. But, let’s just say I have enough gripes with AppAssure in a SMB environment to make multiple posts about it.

Can I filter the 1000s of active events?



I had initially inquired to support if I could track down a particular event from the 1000s of “active” events on the appassure core (nomenclature for their centralized server). Sadly, the main way to interact with AppAssure is through a web console. There is a half-working powershell module and some APIs. But, I didn’t think it was so unreasonable to want to track down the one archival event (pre-tape backup) job and cancel it — as I was running some script testing on automating the process (yes, there’s no automatic “pre-tape” backup. You have to do it manually or through API).

Meeting my sadly low expectations, the answer is no.

From: AppAssure Support [mailto:support@appassure.com] Sent: [REDACTED] To: ME
Subject: Update on [REDACTED]


Unfortunately,  with Appassure build 5.3.3 or 5.3.2 the option you have used so far is the only feature available at this time.  Looking into the future with Appassure it is one of the feature they are working to include. Until then the only option is to sort the events by completed, active and failed.

Again, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach back out to me.



Enterprise Technical Support Advisor

Dell | Data Protection | AppAssure


Now, I’m not asking for a shiny GUI or anything like that. I’d even accept a Cance-Job -JobID powershell interface (since my script logged the Job’s ID). I guess it’s more mucking around with the API to cancel a job.

The Powershell module gives you a nice, slow and string-based output of events. Not that you can easily (at least obviously) cancel jobs this way anyways.

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