MDT2012 SP1 + ADK 8 (WinPE 4) Command Prompt on Load / DISM Error Code 5 when rebuilding deploy share

The new ADK for MDT 2012 SP1 includes WinPE 4 (Win8 based). It seemed attractive, namely for Powershell (v3) amongst other things. The main concern would be it requires DLP — so you should check.

i.e. it may not work on your older machines.


Test the ISO First

I would setup MDT+ADK8 on a test server to simply generate the WinPE4 images. Grab the ISO it generates and give them a whirl on some of your questionable machines, in a VMs, etc.

It’s also best to remove AIK before you install ADK. ADK is a direct upgrade from WAIK. If you’ve still got XP deployments kicking around (shudder), you probably don’t want to to make the jump.

WinPE boots into a command prompt — that’s it


That’s never good.

But, thankfully, there’s an error somewhere. It actually occured when I rebuilt the share (even using “Completely rebuild”)

Some rampant googling and re-googling lead me to a few technet threads:

McAfee we meet again

A combination of unruly NTFS permissions and an overzealous McAfee EPO Access Protection [pdf] seem to form the possible causes.

After uninstalling/re-installing ADK in the E:\ drive (the drive where I house the deploy share and other installs), plus disabling EPO’s Access Protection, the rebuilds went off without a hitch.

I also deleted the old WIM/ISO files and did a complete rebuild of the images after the changes.

In hindsight, “Access is denied” should have been a pretty obvious error message.

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