Cmder + PsReadLine

PowerShell – Special Characters And Tokens

vCheck — Great report (and report template) for vSphere, Exchange.
PowerGUI — Powershell-based GUI for AD, vSphere, Exchange, etc.
Quest AD Cmdlets — An enhanced set of AD cmdlets No longer free… :(
PowerCLI — A must-have tool for working with VMware ESXi/vSphere products.
EMS – Exchange Management Shell (which comes with Exchange Tools)
GPO Guide for Ps-Remoting / WinRM — As close to native-SSH as Windows admins are going to get.
Carbon – A DevOps powershell module with focus on removing a lot of the boilerplate for things like manipulating services, installing/validating programs, etc.


Why you should consider Invoke-WebRequest over Invoke-RestMethod

PowerShell Design

PowerShell SupportsShouldProcess Worst & Best Practices – Great read for anybody getting serious about powershell design (especially modules)
VMWare Fast Suspend/Resume

Granular Access via Powershell Remoting

SQL Server (MSSQL)

Ola Hallengren’s SQL Server Maintenance Plan – An excellent and flexible set of backup/restore/integrity scripts.
Brent Ozar’s Hierarchy of Database Needs: The SQL Server DBA Training Plan – Great for any new or unexpected DBAs
Brent Ozar Downloads – First Aid pack, ebooks, white papers, etc.


Visual Guide to NoSQL – Good, general overview on the CAP theorem.


Career Advice for Programmers – Trisha Gee  — Not strictly just for programmers.
Opinion: The unspoken truth about managing geeks


/r/airz23 — A humerus, serialized tale of IT woes.
The Expert (Youtube)
You Down with BGP? (Youtbe)
The Day the Router Died (Youtube)
OSPF (Youtube)

The Case of the 500-mile Email
Can’t Print on Tuesdays



PDQ Deploy Packages (Free)
PDQ Subreddit

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